I’m a Wizard

Mary & I are due to go to a Hag weekend soon. Now, for the uninitiated, that’s a combined Stag & Hen weekend. 

I’m sworn to secrecy about the location, Mary & I know where we’re going because we had to book a nice hotel near the hostel that all the others are staying at. 

There is an element of the weekend that demands a fancy dress outfit and I did a little online research about it and decided that standard fancy dress outfits from party companies are likely to last only half way through the first night I wear them. So I’ve decided to buy proper clothing and accessories and have made up my own wizard outfit. 

And if I say so myself, I’ve done a great job! 

Today’s purchase of a real Staff with antler handle is perfect. Gandalf would be proud of me!! 

When I’ve got pictures I’ll show you the outcome. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably make a GoPro video of the whole event!! 

Watch this space!