Had a Wild Day in Weymouth

I had to go to the tip this morning laden with all the Christmas wrapping paper etc. that just wont fit in our poxy small Weymouth & Portland BC bin which isn’t being collected for another week and a half and is already full as usual (Note tense teeth grinding whilst I type!) and on the way there I drove along the beach road and was really happy to see loads of surf and a mad sea that you just have to try to take your eyes off!

Once I was back from the tip I belted down to the Old Stone Pier in Weymouth harbour and had a great time doing a bit of filming, take a look at the video below!

Proud of Liam

It’s a parent’s role to give your kid the discipline that they need, others out there are meant to be their friends or at least it’s easy for them to be their friends but for a parent, it’s really difficult. We are the ones who remind them about cleanliness, toilet habits, tidiness, money issues etc.

Sometimes I think Liam hates me as it’s me that does all the bad stuff, Mary takes on her fair share of that side too but I do the shouting.

But, every now and then, he surprises me, comes back from the brink and has a great day, where he tries hard to get work, to keep the house tidy and to make his mother happy. Those moments bring tears to my eyes and make me proud. 

Luckily he never reads my blogs so he’ll never see this, one day he’ll realise that my only goal at this stage in my life is earning enough money to keep three people in the style by which they have become accustomed. 

He’s had one of those good days today, it’s fair to say that yesterday wasn’t his best and he wasn’t pleased with himself but he didn’t get lower, he got up and tried hard. That’s all I can ask!