EU Debate

I’ve been very neutral on this issue, it’s mainly because I don’t believe I’ve been given enough info to sway me either way. I’ve read a load of stuff about it and had to try to take into account the news/info given against the political leaning of the source of that info. It’s a tough call.

It amazes me that the beloved BBC are meant to be neutral but seem to be anti Brexit, could that be because both major Political leaders (more on them later) seem to want to stay in Europe? And obviously the jobs of the bosses of the BBC are under the control of the Government and they are paid for by the government?

As for the leaders of the two main political parties, fairly sure that they’re mainly thinking of number one, Corbin was against the EU up until a few weeks ago, Cameron (who I like) came up with a mediocre deal for us with EU officials and is trying to tell us that that’s all we need to be ok in the future? 

Now call me a cynic but could it have anything to do with either their private investments or their future careers? And when I talk about future careers I’m talking about the Kinnock syndrome, Mr & Mrs Kinnock walk out of English/Welsh politics reasonably well respected and reasonably well off, move to become MEPs and become millionaires without accountability!

No Europe, no MEPs, now does anybody out there really understand what their expense bills are like? I seriously doubt it, ignoring the amount of money we have to give to the EU on a daily basis, it’s compounded by the amount of money we spend on bureaucrats and making sure they’re in the EU to vote on things…..what do they vote, which way do they vote? I’ve no idea! Do you?

I’ve just read a few articles about the uncertainty of trade in the future if we leave, yes it’s uncertain, but we’re in control of the deals we make, if a global manufacturing company want to leave because we leave the EU, do we crumble? Hell no, we do a deal with them that makes staying a positive option.

If we currently have political leaders who think that they could not broker such a deal, we need to vote in leaders that can! We taught the world how to trade, there’s no reason why we can’t teach ourselves how to again!

On the subject of Obama (the USA guy) backing staying in Europe, I think again he’s a little bit confused about his role, he hasn’t got one here, yes we enjoy trade with the US, yes we go to war with them regularly, yes we have a great history together (except that they celebrate beating us in a war about their own leaving a similar alliance) but there’s no reason, if we leave the EU, that they won’t continue to deal with us, are we going to stop buying Apple products? Microsoft products? Hewlett Packard products? Probably not. Are they going to stop buying Aston Martins? Investing in London property? Buying Sunseekers? Again, probably not! All we need to do is do the right deal, easy for the right leaders!

I have to admit, you can probably guess, that I am now leaning towards leaving the EU, not easy for me because I’ll be the first to admit that when I lived and worked in France, membership of the EU made life ridiculously easy but I’ve also no reason to believe that being outside the EU would make it too difficult now.

On the flip side of all the stay arguments, one that they conveniently ignore, is the fact that they need us, without us the EU might fall apart, with that being a distinct possibility why have they tried to be so controlling over our destiny? We are a powerful nation, we have a proud history, we invented just about everything that the rest of the world use, why wouldn’t any other nation want to do business with us??

Almost all of the arguments I’ve read go on about the economic reasons to stay, there’s other factors too, our laws are being decided in Brussels, not brilliant, we are an island and we have a culture that’s worth protecting, we have unusual values compared with the rest of the world, we have the stiff upper lip! Even if you think that’s a load of bull, it’s part of our culture, other cultures don’t pick up on things like that unless there’s a semblance of truth in the story.

You’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned once the immigrant issue that I see on the TV and in many people’s arguments about in or out. I think we should help people who need helping and not help people who don’t. They can help themselves.

If and when we leave the EU then I fully expect the resignation of both major political parties leaders, I trust that each party will then elect a leader that can compete in the running of an independent country that stands up for itself, is happy to make deals with global players, has the sense to attract employment and the humanity to care for the people in our country who cannot help themselves. I don’t know who these people are but I know our nation produces them and they need to step up to the mark and be counted. Greatness awaits them and the adoration of a great nation too. I have faith that these people exist, I’m sure they’re currently not in the political system at the moment or if they are then they’re hiding well.

Had a Wild Day in Weymouth

I had to go to the tip this morning laden with all the Christmas wrapping paper etc. that just wont fit in our poxy small Weymouth & Portland BC bin which isn’t being collected for another week and a half and is already full as usual (Note tense teeth grinding whilst I type!) and on the way there I drove along the beach road and was really happy to see loads of surf and a mad sea that you just have to try to take your eyes off!

Once I was back from the tip I belted down to the Old Stone Pier in Weymouth harbour and had a great time doing a bit of filming, take a look at the video below!