I’ve mentioned on Facebook that I wasn’t ashamed to say that I’d voted Tory, why should anyone feel ashamed about who they’ve voted for but it appears to be socially unacceptable to have voted for the Conservatives or certinly Social Media unacceptable. It appears that many of my friends are openly Labour supporters or at least anti-Conservatives. And they are so very verbose about it, positively up in arms, one wonders why they weren’t out on the campaign trail trying to drum up votes for the party they now appear to be so supportive of.

One of the common cries of the opposition seems to be a call for equality, as if that is a realistic request? Have they no knowledge of human nature? I think that they’re actually requesting selective equality, I’m sure that they don’t want to be taxed at the higher rates! So only equal opportunities? How can that happen, we ll know that some people out there have better opportunities than others, some take poor opportunities, grab them, develop them and make a success of theselves and some are presented amazing opportunities and fail to take advantage of them.

What about education? Are they really suggesting that we shut all the private and public schools and only have state schools available? My experience of a state school wasn’t a good one! Do we wish that experience on all of our children?

Wealth as well? If we took all the wealth in the UK and divided it equally between all the people in the UK how long would this parity last? Seconds is my guess, some will go out and buy fags and booze, others will invest in a crate of fags and a barrel of booze and sell it to the first lot, the first lot will end up broke (dare I suggest “again”) and the latter will end up wealth….again.

I am using extremes as examples but to a greater or lesser extent this is what happens, this is what has happened in the past and this is why Communism just cannot work.

There’s also many people complaining about their jobs being not as easy as they were, not as well paid as they were, not as secure as they were. They are invariably people in public service jobs, most have never worked for themselves and don’t appreciate how difficult for those that do. I have been working for myself, taking no handouts and paying all my taxes, for over 12 years now. My business was set up with my own money, not a penny from the banks or the Government, so, if we make some money and, as we have done, invest it in properties that we rent out, why should we be ostracised by society? Why should our properties be rent capped? (Incidentally, we haven’t put up the rent on the first house we let out for 7 years now!) The other issue about salaried public sector workers is that at the beginning of each month, they know what they’re going to get paid at the end of the month, I never know, I don’t know in the morning what I’ll earn by the end of the day!

Pensions, don’t get me started, I have a SIPP so it’s me or bust!

Job security, why moan about your job, if you don’t like the way it’s going, change career, I’m onto my third major career, it’s noo problem, come up with a plan and do it. Don’t sit there and moan about the career choice that you’ve made, if nothing else it’s given you experience, look around, see what’s working or what you think you’ll enjoy then go for it, start at the bottom and work on it!

Our democracy is the best way of electing a governing body for the country and the electorate has spoken, don’t riot about the result, it’s not compulsory for everyone in the country to have the same view, you don’t have to agree with me and vice versa. If you wish to demonstrate, do it in the polling booth and try to persuade others to do the same, if your argument is good enough they’ll vote in the same way you do and your choice of Politicians will be in power.

Rant over for a while, we’ll watch with interest for the next 4 or 5 years, rest assured I’ll be writing to my MP on several issues and trying to influence choices in areas I feel strongly about, you can do the same, go for it!

You’ve been Framed

I’ll be honest, I’d probably feel safer in this world if, at the end of the program, the credits announced that everyone in the show died from their injuries!

Respect to Darwin as always!