Chemists Rant

I don’t rant much but I’ve been regularly using my local chemists for just over 2 years now, basically since my heart attack, I’d hardly gone in a chemist for 47 years and now I’m a regular!

The thing is, and I say this as an ex-member of the Institute of Logistics and a person who has been through huge changes to Factories, changing them from old methods to the Japanese “Just in Time” (JIT) methods using KanBan (Japanese for order cards) techniques. It changes supply of components to satisfy demand on it’s head and makes everyone’s life who is in the supply chain, from Original Equipment Manufacturer through to end user, much easier.

Back to the issue with the Chemist……. They have my prescription from the doctor, it’s fairly easy, I have to take 4 different tablets every day for the rest of my life, really not difficult to calculate, I collect my tablets about every two months and so I should get 60 of each, in general.

However, the madness that I have to endure is such that, some of the tablets are packed in tens, some in sevens, some in fourteens and some in twenty eights. Clearly indicating that the chemists, and I mean the industry in general, not just my local crowd, have absolutely no control over their suppliers. It doesn’t sound too bad and can be easily overcome but sometimes, the chemist, probably highly paid, opens a box of 28 tablets, cuts, with scisors, 2 off the packet of 28 and places them in another box that they’ve just had to open to make sure that they give me 30 tablets, to add delay to massive inefficiencies, they then proceed to get a pen and change the packet quntity to 30 on mhy packet and 26 on the packet they keep.

To add to this lunacy, bearing in mind they’ve just given me 60 days worth of tablets, they then require me to go in, between two weeks and one week before I run out and order more???? Why oh why don’t they know when I’m going to run out and have it ready for me. Have you any idea what that would save the system in man hours? I walk in and take up the assistant’s time ordering my next batch, they then send a delivery person to my doctors practice, the receptionist takes it at the appropriate moment in to the doctors office an he has to sign it again, even though he was the person that prescribed it for me in the first place, he then gives it back to the receptionist who keep sit until the delivery guy comes again, he takes it back to the chemists who then put together my order, then I have to go to the chemist and take up the assistant’s time for a second time to collect the order!

If the indow of between two weeks and one week of me running out is cut short then I am then instructed to call the doctors surgery to tell them that it’s urgent. But they all know how many I’ve had and when I’m going to run out!

Are all countries this bad? Imagine if yo ordered a Toyota car and the dealer told you to ring the guy in charge of the purchasing department in the factory in Swindon to tell him to order some parts?

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Will Do App nearly there

I’ve been in the process for a few months now of developing a Will Writing App for use on apple devices such as iPhone and iPad and later today I’m off to a meeting to finalise the issues with it from a development point of view. This is a complete shot in the dark, there’s a couple of other will writing apps out there but they’re either expensive, rubbish or more of a book on will writing rather than an automated system which mine is.

I’m hoping to make it really cheap and easy for the masses to have a valid will in place, as usual, my theory is try to make a quid out of everyone rather than make a fortune out of one or two clients!

Research suggests, not just mine but conventional and national research, that most people don’t have a will, the statistic is still hovering at about 70% of the adult population and the two main reasons for them not having a will are the cost (usually it’s not necessarily because the cost is high but largely unknown) and the inconvenience of getting it done. Many people imagine that they will have to take time off work, visit a Solicitor who will quote them a cost by the hour and they don’t know how many hours it will take so the overall cost to the consumer is a total unknown both in time and money.

They then will have to take more time off work for the privilege of being able to return to the Solicitors office, pay the large fee and get their wills signed, dated and witnessed.

My view is to remove these barriers, make the act of creating a will very easy and allow it to be done at the consumers convenience and also make sure that the will is very cheap, so cheap that everyone can afford it, cheaper than a bottle of wine, cheaper than a packet of fags!

My Will Do app is going to be free to download from iTunes store, you can play around with is for as long as you like then, when you’re happy with the way it looks you’ll be able to purchase it using PayPal for just £6.99, a fully legal will is then emailed to you with full signing instructions automatically.

This will be available when the link appears on my main website page and the launch date, all things taken into account, is about mid January.