New directions

Utility Warehouse have done an excellent job on new marketing websites that all of my readers should look at, watch the videos and sign up to become a member of the discount club if they haven’t. has a famous face on it for all to enjoy. is for people who want extra money every month or extra time. is for my existing clients to log into so they can save more!

Join the club!

Post offices are crazy

I blame eBay. Giving people the chance to sit at home and sell stuff over the internet has caused an upsurge in parcels and packets flying around the country and it’s the post office counter that appears to be bearing the brunt of it. Especially mad are Mondays when the weekend eBay browsing causes madness and mayhem at the counter.

So next time you order off eBay for heavens sake order so the seller can despatch between Tuesday and Friday. Have a heart!