Dorset Motorways

Dorset Motorways? The answer is quite simple, there aren’t any, we’re one of the only 2 counties in England without any motorway in them, us and Cornwall!

I love giving advice to visitors, people who I know are intelligent and who, I acknowledge, live busier lives than us down here in deepest darkest Dorset. Londoners are the best, they look at the map and calculate how long it will take them to get to us in Weymouth, then, 2 hours after their ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) they call to say we’ll be with you in a minute, we’re just arriving at Dorchester!

Ha! They’ve yet to experience the joy of the Link road over the ridgeway, a 60mph straight road with no reason to slow you down and yet for some inexplicable reason traffic flows at a steady 35mph all day! Why??

The Ridgeway