Visit to Anya’s new pad

Fantastic week down in France, my sister, Anya, has bought a beautiful farm style house with a decent plot of land down in the South of France, not near the coast but in the foothills of the Pyrenees half way between Bordeaux and Toulouse. Lots of hunting and wine producing there. Anya’s there with her partner Johnny and they’re going be married there on May 17th next year (2019).

They’ve got a Gite in the garden with a decent size pool out the front, there’s another large room near the road that Johnny’s going to be use as an Art Studio, he’s a great artist and his art has a amazing sense of humour built into it.

The house has a real cozy farmhouse feel to it and there’s a very pretty garden at the side and out the back.

It’s obviously in a very clean air area, all the trees and stone walls are covered in a thick soft mossy blanket.

Between the two main buildings of the main house there’s a corridor at ground level that provides a lovely sunny terrace that overlooks both the garden and the road.

The house is a classic French style, quirky, shutters, various levels inside, open to the road, no fences or boundary walls.