All fun and Games

It’s been mad in Weymouth recently, for some reason all these foreign types have been flooding into our town and filling the restaurants and bars, having fun, singing, joining in with all the locals when they’re relaxing and lounging around on our fabulous beach watching big-screen tv!

The Olympics has come to town and it’s not just good fun, it’s fabulous….and infectious. The whole town has become sport mad and multi-cultural, it’s just what we needed after such a difficult time in the run up to the games, it’s been very difficult for many locals and businesses for the last 4 years having to put up with all sorts but we’re reaping the benefits now. Even the BBC, who anyone who knows me knows I despise, have been giving Weymouth & Portland a big thumbs up.

Every visitor I’ve spoken to has said that they didn’t realise that the area was so beautiful and that they didn’t realise we had such a safe beach and they didn’t realise that the harbour was so pretty and that we have water in nearly all directions.

If there’s any legacy for locals, it’ll be that the world now knows where we are and they love it. Dare I hope that house prices will rise in the area due to the publicity????? That would be nice.

Last sunday I walked out of Salt and into this magical moment outside the Crows Nest where Mary & I had our Wedding Breakfast.