What a summer

It’s been crazy mad here, I’m a person who is usually in bed by ten but I’ve been up past midnight on the last 3 nights running and, I’ll be honest, it’s killing me.

We’ve had our friend John staying with us, he’s from Sardinia and has been a friend of Mary’s for about 20+ years and a friend of mine for around 10 years now, it’s really good to see him but as I said, tiring!

He’s leaving today to go off and visit family whilst he’s in the UK and we get a day off, tonight I’m working until about 6pm then I rekon I’ll be in bed by 7pm to catch up!

Had a 6 mile cycle ride this morning coupled with a coffee on the harbour wall, I just sat there watching the yachts manouvering out as they go on their way having spent the night in Weymouth. I’m off down to the harbour again this afternoon as there’s a beautiful Hillyard in, it’s a ketch and looks to be the 14 tonne version, I plan to talk nicely to the owners and see if I get an invite aboard!

Not sure if I mentioned this recently but I’m hoping to go back and play a little hockey for Bridport again this season, pre-season training starts next Tuesday so I’ll see how the old legs are after an hour training and reserve judgement until after that.

On the fitness front, the Olympics has not been good for our household, we usually cycle, sail, row and walk far more than we’ve done over the Olympic period in Weymouth but because it’s been so much fun here the most excersize we get recently has been walking into town to sit outside a bar or cafe to enjoy all the things that are happening on every street. it’s been great to see Weymouth full of a different type of tourist, my early morning cycle ride in August usually takes me along the sea front where I see loads of fat brummies having their first fag of the day but now it’s slim fit types jogging up and down, quite a revelation!