2020 Vision

Well what it is to be a Conservative voting Bresiteer on December 13th 2019! Big smiles all round and laughs along the way at all the lefty remainers who have, for the 3rd time in the last 3 years, lost a National vote but continue to whinge and call us, the thicky majority, very nasty names.

My Facebook feed has been full of political garbage from the intelligent few accusing Boris Johnson of telling lies and quoting The Guardian polls about what the country cares about, as if anyone gives a shit about anything until after the Government deliver the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

Once we’ve left the EU, 31st January 2020 fingers crossed, then we can move on to correcting a load of other issues that are high on most people’s agendas, just not currently at the top.


So what are the issues that need to be dealt with in 2020 and during the next 5 year Prime Minister’s term?


I think we all agree that the grass roots, ground floor workers, people who see and touch patients (not in a naughty way) need to be held in higher esteem, paid more, given better contracts and more support. I’ve never worked in the NHS but have it on very good authority (source protected for legal reasons) that the organisation is top heavy due to a rapid increase in Management levels during the Blair administration. I’m still convinced that people wanting to use the NHS need to be contributors or related to contributors by a single line, so wives, husbands, kids only. No free services to visitors or immigrants (except emergency care) unless they are paying at the point of use or have adequate insurance. Now I know that a lot of people, some of my friends included, will hate that suggestion but I’ve experienced it first hand whilst on holiday in Greece and whilst the UK and Greece were members of the EU and whilst in possession of an E111 card. I went to a doctors for an ailment and the only thing they cared about was my cash sum up front ($60) and my holiday medical insurance documents (which they charged an additional $220 to!).

Also when a person turns up to a GP surgery they should prove that they’re on the list of people they can help without additional charges, if they can’t produce such proof then they should be charged at point of use.


Too many leaving the profession, again never been a teacher but I know loads of them, mainly lefty remainers to be honest, but I respect their opinion and I’ve listened to their complaints. They need more pay, they need more support. Both of those seem to be easily sorted out as long as we have money in the bank to use, perhaps some of the saved money that we’re no longer going to be sending to the EU.


Public discipline is at an all time low, we’ve lost values that were previously ingrained into our psyche that enabled us to debate, agree, disagree and carry on with others. Lets get back to those values, we need our younger generation to respect and fear our police force and not continue with impunity as so many do at the moment.


2019 saw us introduce our new HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier and the F35 Lightnings that operate from her deck. We need to commit more money to such assets and put more youngsters in uniform in all areas of our military. It’s good for jobs, it’s good for the youngsters and it’s vital for our country. Russia is a real threat and they’re on the march, we need to have a threat that is real and mobile and reactive and sufficient to deter the Russian Bear!

My wishes now are that Boris gets Brexit done and starts making roads into these important areas that we, the people, care about. Let’s hope that this time our elected politicians actually do things that help the people that they represent. Fingers Crossed!